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The first and only digital & interactive platform to make, keep and manage promises -- yours and everyone else's! Free!

Kompromises & Promises

Everyone promises! Promises are the best prevention and also the solution to relationship or collaboration problems — breaking promises is always their cause. With Kompro you make, keep and manage promises of all kinds in any context (personal or professional), with various options to interact with them and the ones involved.


When someone does not live up to their promise, this is indicated in the app through a flag status and will interfere with the rating they receive, impacting their compliance score on the platform. This makes user scores on kompro an excellent indicator of reliability and credibility.


Promises cannot be forgotten and must be fulfilled, so it will often be necessary to turn them into tasks for your follow-up. It is for this reason that Kompro also packs with a flexible and resourceful task management feature.


Kompros are like contracts, only easier, digital and interactive, without the costs!

Promises are always present in the agreements, commitments, relationships and rules we deal with throughout life. They can be implicit and informal, contractual or verbal. Kompro is here to make every promise you make and that is made to you digital and interactive, gradually encompassing all your relationships.


Kompro solves and prevents trouble

If you stop to think about it, you will realize that all the time you are either making, fulfilling, changing or breaking promises. This includes business and commerce, but also family, friends and loved ones!
Kompro -- short for kompromise -- is a platform to make, keep and manage promises, yours and everybody else's. Promises that you made or that were made to you include and effectively describe all your relationships and agreements, tacit or otherwise.


Conflicts always concern broken promises (acknowledged or not) or disagreement over how they should be interpreted. 

With Kompro's clarity and assertiveness, say goodbye to misunderstandings. Duties, costs and obligations are easily assigned in interactive blocks.


Distrust and suspicion are always about the ability or motivation to keep promises (including basic ones like being honest, kind, reasonable…).

With Kompro, you can view promise fulfillment track records, collect signatures, clarify consequences of noncompliance, and get an irrevocable agreement, on screen or in PDF.


Memory is faulty — especially when overloaded— and many problems arise when there is no reliable record of what was promised and agreed upon between two or more parties.

With Kompro, commitments are securely stored in the cloud and never forgotten. Everything that is promised that involves an activity or goal can be converted into a task for better management.

Lack of Accountability

Impunity or lack of accountability is always due to a lack of tangible evidence about what was promised and/or a lack of practical consequences of breaking promises.

Kompro helps you expose every broken promise as well as define and agree upon clear due consequences. If necessary, a number of features and functionalities for declaring and handling conflicts allow you to bring everything back to peace.

No paperwork, no empty talk. Just tap to promise.

All that you promise and that is promised to you in one platform. Digital and interactive.

Whether that's contracts or — even more importantly — normal day-to-day promises and expectations.

Propose. Negotiate. Check and rate the compliance to every promise.

Never forget. Make things clear fast. Agree, close deals, give feedback. Prevent conflicts. Build a reputation.


Who to trust?

Your score is an indication of your reputation on Kompro, to the extent that you deliver or fail to deliver that which you promised. All the users in the platform have overall scores and scores in 6 different relationship categories (with configurable visibility). Querying this promise credit-bureau, it's easy to know who to trust!

Plus there are clear consequences within the platform for those who promise and do not deliver, as reviews will directly impact scores.


Sing up! It's FREE forever!

It's for everyone!

Formal or Informal, Kompro always has the ideal agreement

Whether you want to casually promise while chatting, or make a more complete agreement that can be signed and converted to PDF, Kompro is the easiest way to go!

For roommates and people who share living spaces

Rules in a household are essential. It's hard enough with family, let alone sharing non-family members? Cleanliness, noise, space, guests… Kompro makes it easy to negotiate and settle on all that!

For service providers, freelancers

What is included or not included in the service? How to collect payment? What does the contractor need to provide? You can't afford to deal with these doubts! Kompro clarifies everything in one touch and allows collecting signatures easily, if needed!

For intimate relationships

Unconditional love is also a promise! Arguing a little is normal and involves agreements. Get together, let go and/or evolve with Kompro.

For conflict resolution and mediation

Conflict arises mainly when what was promised is interpreted in different ways. Kompro helps to reach a viable consensus to overcome and prevent conflicts.

To keep track of duties and tasks

Things you promise often turn into tasks. Kompro equips you with simple yet powerful task management tools (whether it's work or just your grocery list!)

To assess customer satisfaction

How does your customer rate you? What aspect of your product or service is not ideal? What has to improve? Quality is a promise and Kompro allows for in-depth reviews so you can grow with customer feedback and build a good brand and reputation.

To buy, sell or rent

Boring and complicated contracts? No more! Kompro simplifies, collects signatures and even prints to PDF!

For customer loyalty programs, offers and promotions

Have that fantastic deal to offer? Post it to Kompro News for interested parties to close with you!

For those who promise a lot (or less)

Whether or not a politician, we promise all the time, even without realizing it. Kompro separates promises from emptytalk easily.

For group, school or professional work

Assigned roles, functions to fulfill and workloads to share? There's no easier way to negotate, define and track those than with Kompro.

For those who set and promise to meet goals

A goal is a promise. Kompro makes everything clear and settled, with an invitation to individually signal the status of each promise, as well as spaces for justification and consequences of non-compliance.

To coordinate, enforce and set rules

Does your space have rules? Welcome participants with Kompro and the whole list of duties, prohibitions, rights or obligations — yours and theirs.

And many other templates and applications to choose from, 100% free.

Why use Kompro?

Why use an app instead of just talking face to face?

What really motivates this question is that people's habit is usually that of negotiating and agreeing only orally, without resorting to (other) media. Well, conventional written contracts have the same problem. People just acquired the habit of using pen and paper or a computer's text editor to prepare them in order to avoid the disadvantages posed by spoken-only agreements, including the problems of their imprecision and their forgetfulness.

Today a smartphone is always within reach and kompro is easy to use.

Try it and you will see the benefits of creating the habit of using kompro for agreements and promises in general, no matter how simple. Conventional contracts, in writing, are the great-grandparents of kompros, which are digital and much more accessible, simple, fast, interactive and multifunctional. The habit of drafting contracts has been acquired despite all it's limitations and complexisty, however to a much less comprehensive degree than that envisaged by kompro, whose claim is universal.

Consider this amusing example:

Em muitos países, as pessoas adquiriram o hábito de usar “preservativos” sexuais devido aos benefits, to the point that today the use of an industrialized item so artificial looks normal during the most natural of the species's activities. This means that any habit can be adopted bearing in mind sufficient benefits. Especially if it's not too much trouble. Since using a cell phone these days is more than usual, you won't want to miss out on the benefits of kompro once you've tried it!

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